Get Serious About Your Singing


Andy Shaw is one of Seattle’s most experienced and talented vocal coaches, with over 20 years of experience training kids and adults to build full, confident, expressive singing voices. He loves working with singers wherever they are in their musical journey, from complete novice to accomplished professional.

Andy’s commitment is to help you express yourself as a singer in the way you have always imagined. He is available for singing engagements, private voice lessons and vocal workshops.

Call Andy at 206-362-1392 or contact him online.

Voice Instruction for All Musical Styles

Whether your style is pop, rock, jazz, R&B, Broadway or just your own…
Whether you are singing in clubs, the studio, garages, church or just the shower…

Whatever your personal singing goals are, Andy can help you achieve them. In each lesson he’ll accompany you on the grand piano, and guide you through vocal exercises to build power, range, tone and endurance. Your full lesson will also be recorded on CD for you, so you can review and practice in-between lessons. This helps ensure you gain the consistent forward progress on your singing goals.

Singing Lessons for All Skill Levels

Have you always wanted to sing, but never had the chance to take lessons? Andy works with all levels, and many of his clients are adults who’ve always dreamed of singing with confidence. Whether you’re a beginner or a performing professional, Andy will work with you to develop your voice and achieve your personal singing aspirations. It’s never too late to experience the joys of singing. Beginners are welcome!

So, what are your singing goals?

Andy will be happy to chat with you about your personal goals and how he can help you achieve them. Give him a call at 206-362-1392, or contact him online.